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Daniel (@dpbtwo) currently spends his time assisting marketing, and media organizations with their cross-channel data connection efforts @ Adobe.  Prior to that, Daniel managed Strategic Business @ Signal and also led the Account Management, Analytics, Support,  & Partner Development divisions of the Advertising Analytics division of eBay Enterprise.

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 Daniel lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles, CA and is an avid visual artist, musician, sportsman, traveler, and tiki collector.

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Amazon marketshare stats

Amazon generated 22 percent of online visits in September, up from 19 percent in 2013. To compare, eBay, Walmart, Target and Etsy collectively brought in 28 percent of e-commerce traffic. The average online shopper goes to Amazon 2.8 times per month to search for...

Not providing value? We’re coming for you!

 “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.” – Popeye Gatekeepers, passive operators, shady sales reps, chief rockstars, and middle managers everywhere – take heed!  You are not generating value and we are coming for you.  I...